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Your comparison portal and Bitcoin trading experience

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Since 2008, private investors have had the opportunity to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is an innovative electronic currency. She is the pioneer of blockchain technology, a technology that is sure to revolutionize the bung world. Many people are not yet familiar with this term. Far fewer people know the true potential of this technology and what is really behind it.

We have had great success in Bitcoin trading and continue to make money.

That is why we at want to share our knowledge with private investors and offer them a safe way to trade Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

The first step is to choose a broker that is starting on the right track. Many traders make the mistake of trading with the wrong brokers and end up paying inappropriate amounts in brokerage fees. Some trader are simply ripped off. For these reasons, we test the brokers in this area so that you can easily choose the best brokers.

Here you will find an overview of all brokers that we have tested in our broker comparison.

We also give our opinions and tips on social trading and copy trading.

We wish you every success in trading Bitcoin. We look forward to your comments and feedback so that we can continuously improve our website.

Important points to consider when choosing a broker.

When choosing a broker, it is important to keep some basics in mind. Hence, here is a list of criteria to look for:

Choose a regulated broker.

To trade in good condition, we recommend that you trade with regulated brokers. The European regulation guarantees the safety of your funds. Checking if the broker is regulated can help you avoid most scams.

We do not recommend trading with unregulated brokers.

Costs and fees.

You should check the agency fees. The less you pay, the better for your business. However, it can make sense to spend a little cash to meet your needs or get benefits that allow you to trade more efficiently.

Risk warnings.

Trading Bitcoin is risky. The broker must report this in any case. Check that the broker is not hiding that the trade is risky. If there is no risk information on the broker’s website, then beware of it. In this case, you should carefully check whether the provider is reputable.

Which broker does recommend?

We can recommend Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Code, Bitcoin Profit or Cryptosoft and other online trading software. You can find our current ranking on the overview page of Bitcoin Broker. You can also share your feedback, criticism, and opinions with us in the comments at the end of each test.

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